Hello there. My name is RegularCupcake aka Kina. This wiki page is to explain some things on what inspired me to create the fanfic, Regular Evolution.

Warning: You do NOT have permisson to edit this page unless it's for spelling errors.

Anime/cartoons that inspired meEdit

Anime is mostly what inspired me too do Regular Beings. These are the list of Animes that made me do this fanfic:

The also cartoons that inspired me to do this, but very little. Here's the list:


I would say due to the fanfic having Violence, mostly gore, killing, and some strong language, this is not suitable for young children like in the original series. I would say that the series should be for a audience 18 and over and if not that, 21 and over, Which is why I think that the fan series would be fit for Adult Swim.

Writing the fanficEdit

As far as things go as writing for this fanfic, I might do it, but I mostly won't due to half of the reason being writers block and the other being that I don't have much knowledge in my brain to make the story really "supernatural".

My guess of animationEdit

The animation will most likely be the same as the orignal series.